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Re: latest ?s / probs

Never trust Aamco! I had a friend with a 4 spd Mercedes that took his car
into Aamco because it was stuck in reverse. They diagnosed it as an
"internal transmission problem," and offered to fix it with a used tranny
for $700. I convinced him to have the car taken to the "expensive"
Mercedes mechanic in town. The Mercedes tech spotted the problem right
away and fixed it: bad shift bushings bushings, parts $3.60, labor $40.
My own car was previously diagnosed with the same expensive malady, it
needed a clutch cable adjustment, and a small shifter adjustment. These
are  just two of many stories from Aamco that I know of.  

Adam Nelson '85 4000S, Blaupunkt cassette, Starbucks go cup, '69 Beetle,
1 piece
windows, hand held fan, '91 Vanagon, KYB Gas a Just, bug screens.
Columbus, Ohio

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