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(fwd) FS: In Canada, Audi Repair Manuals by Robert Bentley

Saw this on the newsgroup -- thought I'd pass it along -- 

usual disclaimers...


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Subject: FS: In Canada, Audi Repair Manuals by Robert Bentley
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For Sale in Canada, Audi Official Factory Repair Manuals, 
Published by Robert Bentley Publishing.
Please Note: The following prices are in Canadian funds.
Stock#   Description                                        price/        2
or more
    mix or match
A191    Audi 100, 200 1989-1991                      $187.00   $170.00
A892    Audi 80,90 Coupe, Quattro 1988-1992    $160.00   $145.00
A588    Audi 5000S, 5000CS 1984-1988            $154.00   $140.00
A583    Audi 5000, 5000S 1977-1983                  $72.00     $60.00
A487    Audi 4000S, 4000CS, Coupe, Quattro     
                      1984-1987                                 $110.00   
A483    Audi 4000, Coupe 1980-1983                  $72.00     $60.00
AF79    Audi Fox Service Manual                        $48.00     $40.00
GAHP    Audi: A History of Progress                  $36.00      $30.00 
 Plus Shipping and 7% GST/HST were applicable.
Other Bentley publications are available or can be ordered.

For more information contact Brian Harrison
Roseland Technical Services RR1 Stewiacke Nova Scotia Canada B0N 2J0

For a free Robert Bentley catalogue contact   sales@rb.com
or phone 1.800.423.4595  check out the Robert Bentley Homepage at 
http://www.rb.com  for more information on the books. 

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