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RE: S6 Brake Light

> I have been a lurker on this list for a while and I recently
> replaced my 84 4000Q (which I had for 12 years and loved) with a 95.5
> S6 which has been a total delight except for one nagging problem.
> When I got the S6  early in the summer the brake light (which checks
> pressures as well as fluid levels in this model) would stay on for
> about 25 to 30 seconds when started up first thing in the morning.  If
> I restarted the car after about an hour it would stay on for about 5
> seconds, but if I let the car sit for 3 hours or so it would again
> stay on for about 20 to 25 seconds.

This problems was discussed on the S-cars list (www.audi-s-cars.com)
recently.  You might want to check the mail archives there to see the
various responses, but basically it seems to be a very common "problem"
with S4/6s and the general consensus was it's not a problem.  When I first
bought my car I tried the bomb and servo tests that have been posted on the
q-list in the past and it passed both.  Had the car for a year and haven't
had any problems...knock on wood...probably just woke up the Audi gods with
that statement

- Marc
'93 S4
'85 urq