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New Bosch Plug

I was at the local AutoZone today picking up some parts and oil...the
manager was putting up new signs for a new kind of Bosch plug.

It is called "Platinum +4" if I remember correctly.  The drawing appears to
have the same nearly-encased center electrode as the Bosch Platinums that
the chain stores sell (three black bands on the insulator)...but now it has
FOUR ground paths.  

It appears to be a cross between the existing Platinum plug and the "triple
ground" Super I get at the local German car emporium.

As of today, there was no application information for the VW/Audi cars that
I own (mid-'80s).  Wonder if it will cost more.  I wind up paying more for
the triple ground jobs than the platinums, probably because the chain stores
margin on these items is probably next to nil, and the German parts store
makes a bit on them.

Oh well, I've heard some Audites pay $14 for a plug anyway.