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Re: wax


   Rain X works great (at least my experiences)...and I have crummy wipers!
Make sure you clean your windshield off REAL good.  Get all grime and prints
off it and then apply the Rain X.  Try one thin coat, then wipe it down and
apply another.  Like real wax, it is better to use two thin coats than one
thick one.  Wipe it off real good!

   Also, with tint....don't use Windex or typical glass cleaners.  Amonia will
turn most tints a purple color (really tacky!!!!).  Most tint shops reccomend
using water with a little bit of soap in it.  Try that.  I just bought some
P21S Windshield Wipes though, and I think they might be ok.  I'll report back
with how they work.  The inside of my windows never come completely clean for
some reason.

   Good Luck!

   '90 200tq