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Trimmin the line..

Hi folks,
   This is a really simple question...(sorry for the BW).

   While on the ADMR, Gary mentioned to me that he oftens trims a hose
when it first starts to leak because the leaks more often then not
develop at the hose-clamp. I have a slow leak where the P?S line meets
the P/S Fluid Reservoir. It appears that there is enough slack to trim.
However, before I take the Utility knife..I was wondering if anybody had
an easy way to trim? That line looks awfully thick...
   Also, if anybody knows of dire consequences why I shouldn't trim.. I
would appreciate that as well. 

BTW, before I get a ton of replies that say something along the lines of
me being a cheapskate, and that I should go buy a new hose... let me
reply to that now. Yes, I'm being cheap. The "trim" method may only last
a couple of months..but that's ok..I can live with that. It will buy me
some time while I scrape the cash together to rebuild the rear

(It feels silly to have replaced the entire hydraulic system (over the
past 5 months) and now be counting beans carefully for a PS line..but
those darn lines are expensive..(especially with that valve in there).

Thanks for the feedback.
-Osman Parvez
89 200q
Albany, NY