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Re: Trimmin the line..

"R. Shayne Pavlic'" wrote:
> First, I don't think that trimming the line will work.  I think that this is
> a high preassure line that is made with the clamps attached.  My suggestion
> for you is to find a place that can manufacture a hose for you.  Example.
> Here in Spokane, WA we have a place called House of Hose.  They made me a
> new one for my Audi.  Total cost was about $35.  They clamped on the metal
> ends and formed it just like new.  For my Audi the new cost of that hose was
> about $400.  Sure saved on the money.  Just be sure that you bleed the air
> from that system after you are done replacing the hose.

Thanks Shayne,
       however I don't think the ends that fit on the reservoir are High
pressure" since they are held on by normal hose clamps not those massive
banjo type fittings on the pump. 
       I've heard the "take it to a hose shop" solution now a couple of
times but the problem is will they be able to fit a check-valve (or
whatever that valve is) in the middle of the hose like the oem line? 
       Um....not that I'm out in the dark fiddling under my hood right
now, but how do I bleed the hyd system anyway? Are there seperate
bleeding techniques for the P/S pump vs the rest of the sys?
       Sorry the simple ?'s.

-Osman Parvez
89 200q
Albany, NY