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Re: More "Thank god for Quattro" stories

> What kind of tires do you run in the snow? There is no way I could do what
> you did with my V8 which has Pirelli P4000 tires. On snow, it feels like an
> elephant on roller skates. I treat the gas pedal very gingerly because it
> is all too easy to swap ends with the P4000s. This winter, I plan to put
> some real snows on it, probably some Hakkas.
> Regards,
> Clifford Ilkay

Clifford and Q-list: (Winter's coming reminds me of some experience re: this subject)

If your car , Q or not, suddenly acts like it's on ball bearings anytime you get into
slick conditions, tires may be your #1 suspect, but don't rule out improper wheel
alignment -- especially toe-in/out of _both_ ends of an AWD automobile. Slick
conditions will magnify the effects of a misalignment. BTDT.

And when you go for an alignment, make sure the shop shows you the readings, before
and after. Many of the "$59.95" shops will throw it on the machine and just get
close, but can't or won't take the time to get it spot-on, or nearly so.   My current
mechanic charges more than $59.95, but on my old 100Q he used a dremel drill when he
ran out of adjustment on one corner. Got the specs. right on, and they stayed
there...well worth the effort/$.


Frank M.
Odessa, NY
'90 200TQ
'88 Mazda 323 GTX
'74 Aermacchi Harley-Davidson Sprint