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Re: Washing your car

When I applied rainx to my honda, the glass got a really glazed look. I
buffed it for as long as I could stand and got most of the glaze off but it
was still noticable, my girlfriend wanted to kill me the honda her little
pride and joy. Also, I noticed that the wipers did nothing more than smear
this stuff around and it became really distracting. To it's credit, the
rainx did keep the water off of the windshield but with the haze it was
hardly worth it.

In all fairness to rainx, I probably applied it incorrectly, I doubt that
this is how it is supposed to work. But either way, I could find no way to
get it off. I finally had to resort to using a solvent to clean off the
glass. I was also living in Canada at the time and it was winter, maybe it
doesnt work well in the cold (-15C to -25C at the time).

I have had none of these problems with regular wax, I use the Meguilar gold
class, and I already have to keep it around for my paint and wheels so why
buy another product?


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Subject:  Re: Washing your car

     what problems have you had on your honda?  i have used it
     on my honda and like it, but maybe there's something i am