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Re: Fair Market v. Supply

  I told someone on list in CO that I paid 12.3 for my
200q20v(with 105k on the clock) and he said that in CO people would KILL
for that low a price on a 200q20v.

On Tue, 20 Oct 1998, Tom Van Ness wrote:
> I'd say you got a good deal. Mainly because the supply is so limited out
> there. I just moved to Denver from Portland, OR. I was looking for a q for
> almost a year. Every two or three weeks, one would show up in the paper
> that I'd be interested in. Most of the time they were crappy.
> I moved back to Denver, and every day in the paper, there's at least 8 good
> 80/90/CQ's. It's really amazing. It's almost worth the trip to Denver to
> buy one.