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Re: H&R Springs, Coupe 4cyl???


As much as it might not be a good thing, there is such thing as a Coupe 4 cyl.
In Europe anyway.  I think 1985-87 (might be wrong on years).
He might have been given springs for a 4 cylinder car.  Wich is a lot lighter in
the front end than the 5 cylinder counterpart.


Huw Powell wrote:

> Sounds like the continuing saga of the rest of the world not being able
> to deal with a car called "Coupe" and nothing else...  Mine typically
> gets listed as "4000 2 door" or something like that by the DMV's
> computer.
> 4 cyl coupe?  hah!
> Just put the springs on and enjoy, the car is too high stock anyway.
> Must be even worse when the model is just "Quattro"...  someday,
> someday!
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Martin Pajak


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