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Re: 4500 RPM cutoff/83 ur-Q

Hello Scott and all that commented,

On the weekend while chasing a 'one time'  dead starter, I came across a
loose connection at the (+ve)terminal of the battery (all of six wires
attach there, I don't even know what half of them are for).  I cleaned them
and secured properly.  This morning while driving the car for the first time
since the weekend, I pushed it over 4500 rpm expecting to encounter the now
too familiar surging an cutting off, but low and behold, it just kept going
right up to 6000 with no problem.  Can this be related?  I keep expecting
the surging to come back, but so far so good.  Maybe I'll have fun at the
track after all.

86 5ktqw
83 Ur-Q