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Re: Where to find semi-metal brake pads for 100,A6 or A4

Christopher Hlubb wrote:

> Aother fellow lsiter and I happened to be looking for a way to upgrade
> the pads on our 98 A4's. To make a long story short we found that the
> A4's pads are exactly the same as the 100 and previous design A6. SO, do

Are you sure? AFAIK, the 1992-1997 100/A6 uses the G60 brakes, which
are different that what's found on the A4s...

> any lsiters know where to get semi-metallic pads such as metalmasters,
> etc. for the 100 or A6 where we could use them for our A4's. Any info or
> recommendations would be appreciated.

The A4 (and now VW Passat) is an extremely popular aftermarket fitment
for performance pads. Check the ads in a magazine like European Car.

1993 90CS