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Re: Where to find semi-metal brake pads for 100,A6 or A4

ikessel@worldnet.att.net wrote:

> Yes, during the Mid-Atlantic Club meeting this past Sat I and Chris
> matched up the A4 pads with the '92-> 100, A6 ones. They are identical
> mechanically and only differ by the lack of a wear sensor on the A4 pad.

Hmm. I'm fairly certain that the A4 does not use the G60 brakes. So
either my info about the 1992- 100/A6 is bogus, or ... we've got two
different calipers which happen to use the same pads?

Can anyone with such a 100/A6 (Sean Ford, maybe?) confirm what calipers
they've got?

> This may be a benefit in disguise, coz once the PBR/Axxis pad is out I'm

>From what I've seen, there are many sources of pads for the A4s. Other
Audis are a bit harder to fit, esp. those with G60s. Though I've never
tried to find Metalmasters for any car...

I'm more interested in the reverse. If A4 pads will fit a 100/A6 and
those turn out to be using the G60s, then I've found another source
for pads for my 1993 90.

Somehow, I doubt that all of this will prove to be correct.

1993 90CS 70k miles