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Re: Where to find semi-metal brake pads for 100,A6 or A4

Chris Newbold wrote:

> Hmm. I'm fairly certain that the A4 does not use the G60 brakes.

What's "G60"? A dual piston Girling set up from on my '89 200TQ? No, A4
does not have it. Like I said, the A4 brakes are the same as on the
single piston 100/A6 FWD.

> Somehow, I doubt that all of this will prove to be correct.

I personally matched them up at the parts counter @ Autohaus Harrisbourg
three days ago, millimetre by millimetre, with Chris and the parts guy
watching me, but you're welcome to doubt my observations and check for

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros