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Re: 93 90CS Quattro

In a message dated 98-10-20 22:16:45 EDT, you write:

 The asking price was 18k (really high), I got them down to 17k but they
 wouldn't go lower. >>
Yeah that's all the money.

<<. I was going to buy an A4 Q 2.8, but I find the console to be intrusive on
my leg space, I'm 6'5". I
 should probably be buying an A6 or 100. I don't find the 90 is quite so bad
 on my leg space as the A4. Do you know much about this particular model?
 Reliability issues at all?>>

Reliabilty is about the same throughout the models, so that's not a real
issue. All of the V 6  have been plagued  from time to time with to problems
of note. First oil consumption. Doesn't happen to all of them, but sometimes
it's head gaskets and sometimes its a mystery as to where its going, ie no
leaks no smoke but 1 quart in 500 miles. And this leads to the second problem,
that being cat converters coming apart internally and rattling. This seems to
be caused by the oil going thru. Also inb so extreme cases they use so much
oil that they even begin to foul plugs ,but I know of only two of these. 

That said and the issue of size I think you shoud be looking at an 4 or maybe
S 6 depending on your price range. The run the very durable and inspiring 5
cyl 20 valve turbo that runs and breathes like an engine should. 
 I'm from Vermont myself, born and raised in Brattleboro.  >>

Perhaps you know some friends of mine , Boomer and Pete Mumford and John Quay
from Brattleboro?

Dave Flagg
So Burlington, VT