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Re: H-4 high beams vs Driving Lights (or:4000q upgrade options)

Fred Munro wrote..
>I've run driving lights on other cars and have had some that were too
bright (10" Cibies
>running 100w bulbs - lit up signs 2 km away and blinded me, let alone
>drivers - they'd start flashing as soon as they came in sight), 

Now that gave me pause, and then a warm glow in my heart. After I drove my
first car ('74 X1/9) into a Pontiac, I purchased a rolling X1/9 chassis
from a local rallyist/import parts reseller. Grierson Race & Rally, for any
locals. Swapped over my motor and transmission, and doors, (his were
gutted) and drove for about a year like that. Full cage, no dash, no key
required to start, no speedo, just some engine gauges and a big VDO tach.

Oh, and four 10" Cibie Super Oscars in addition to the stock lamps. He
refered to them as aircraft landing lights, and quite rightly so. Special
occasions only. The alternator slowed the idle considerably when everything
was switched on. POOF!......and there _was_ light!

Audi content. Went to the dealer yesterday looking for headlamp adjusters
for the quad set-up. $29 a _lamp_. Told him he could keep them.

Steve Bigelow
Discreet Dungeons
Ottawa Ontario
'84 5ks "Audrey", proper German silver, Husco armrest/cupholder
'82 Coupe (previous)