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Re: erotic upshift indicator (maybe I mean erratic)

Jeff writes...
>It not only is out of sync with my driving, it is nowhere near reality.
When I
>am revving low (1500) I will get a light. Conversely, at 4000 revs, no
>Feel like pulling the plug, but feel this indicates a prob with some
>system...vacuum? elec sensor?

>From that information, it sounds like it's running just fine. It's not rpm
dependant, it is vacuum (therefore load) dependant. 1500 rpm, high vacuum,
shift. 4000 rpm, with your wellie in it, low/no vacuum, keep reving.....

Steve Bigelow
Discreet Dungeons
Ottawa Ontario
'84 5ks "Audrey", proper German silver, Husco armrest/cupholder
'82 Coupe (previous)