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RE: awd vs rwd braking

In message <362DED58.CA720C55@rtis.ray.com> Luis Marques writes:

> Oh, about the gen. I quatto, a locked center diff doesn't split torque
> 50/50, it varries between 0-100% forcing the front and rear ends to runs
> at the same speed.  What this does is it acts as a "poor man's ABS"
> preventing premature lockup.

No, it doesn't work like that.  Simple addition will not do - the math
is complicated.

> It will also brake better than a torsen.

Yeah, right:

Traction and Handling Safety Synergy of Combined Torsen Differential and
Electronic Traction Control

R Platteau, B Guidoni and P Sacchettint, Zexel Torsen SA, Belgium
R Jesson CEng MIMechE, Zexel UK, UK


   As can be seen in Figure 23, with the Torque Sensing differential,
   the brake energy accumulates at a slower rate.  Thus the Torque
   Sensing differential equipped vehicle was able to complete 17 runs
   before the BTCS shut down, compared to only 11 with the open
   differential.  This represents an improvement of over 50%.  These
   actual data confirm the theoretical approach.

Whole paper on request.  Too big to post.

 Phil Payne
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