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Re: "racing-iron" shows her jealousy

In message <s62daa98.021@hlthsrc.com> "Eric Renneisen" writes:

> I asked about the price, and the guy says, "well, you'll just
> have to make me an offer I can't refuse." Great. So I proceed to
> list off all the faults to him (too many to list here), then, as
> if I hadn't listened to a word I just said, I offered him $3200
> for what was basically a running parts car. He said nothing. "Am
> I even close?" I asked. "It would take significantly more," he
> replied. This guy must really love his car -- unfortunately he
> doesn't take care of it.

You're right to walk, especially with the rust.  Keepin' 'em in good
order is expensive enough, but this one sounds like an open invitation
into the bankruptcy courts.

 Phil Payne
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