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The right rear caliper questions

Hello, fellows.

My right rear caliper on my 200 does not release the pad, I think the
piston is out of round and jams in the bore.

I am facing two options, either to get a brand new one from TPC for $240
or to get a rebuilt one for $100.

The questions are:

1. Is it OK to replace just one side, not both calipers?
2. Does the rebuilt one have the adequate quality? 

I've been rebuilding calipers on my cars for as long as I've been
driving, that's not a big deal. Just pop the boot off, replace the
square O-ring, bleed the brakes - and off you go. I rebuilt all 4
calipers on my 200 some 3 years ago. Now the RR one binds (overheated it
once - a consequence of driving with the worn thru, frosen and jammed
e-cable in the winter at -5úC).

What concerns me is if I buy a rebuilt caliper it will have the new seal
and boot, no doubt about that. But what if the piston sticks in the
bore? I doubt that the rebuilding house bothered to find it out and
would have discarded such a caliper. I am a bit leery of buying a
hydraulic part with the unknown history and which hadn't been rebuilt by

Does anyone around here happily drive with the rebuilt rear caliper(s)
which he _bought_ from a parts place?

Thank you

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros