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Re: Cars FS

Ti Kan wrote:

> Todd Young writes:
> >  Just a quick comment for William[selling] and anyone interested in [buying] a
> > VW Fox. DO NOT, I repeat do not buy a Fox with the 5 speed transmission. The 4
> > speed is a much stronger and longer lasting transmission. There is something
> > in the main case on a 5 speed that wears out
> I don't know where you got this info, but the VW Fox uses basically the
> same trannies as the Audi 4000 4-cylinder cars, the type 013 5-sp and
> type 014 4-sp.  The gear ratios are a little different than the 4K, but
> mechanically they are the same.  I am not aware of any deficiencies in
> the type 013...  There are lots of very high-mileage 4Ks running around
> with these with no problems.
> I think the problem is that the VW Fox is a cheap car and many owners
> treat them as such... and you know what happens with our beloved cars
> when they are not properly maintained.

I got this information from experience in an auto repair shop. We had a couple
bring in a VW Fox with transmission problems. I can't remember the exact year of
the car or the problem, but I think it wouldn't shift into certain gears. The tech
pulled the transmission and started the disassembly process for a rebuild. I
believe there are three sections to the five speed trans. The middle section has
something related to shift rods/forks that wears out and is not serviceable, you
have to purchase the entire center section of the transmission [$$$] and put the
old guts into the new center shell. This is specific to the 5 speed only, the 4
speed is set up differently. Needless to say, after we discovered this, the
customer opted for a used 4 speed transmission to be installed in the car.

This was not an abused car, this car was in great shape and had been properly
maintained. I remember sitting in the car thinking how nice it was, roomy too.

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