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Re: UrQ Konis, brakes and headlamps

In message <362F2338.DE80AB94@bigplanet.com> ANDREW FINNEY writes:

>> "Hella.  I think it's a part number difference - only Cibies are
>> available for the sloping-grill cars."

> I have Hella H1/H4 lights , not cibies, for my sloping grille UrQ. The

> grille came off a 1986 coupe.

"Yup.  "Was" vs. "is".

The Hellas aren't listed in the 1996 fiche.  They were in the 1992."
I bought these Hellas from TAP in 1997. So somewhere, somehow, they are
still available. Puma sells the Hellas as far as I know.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ