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re: US S4/6 Pricing is Crazy

At 02:26 PM 10/22/98 -0400, Phil Rose wrote:
>I'm not sure I agree on your conclusion about prices in US for S4/S6.
>Crazy? Those Canadian cars have probably been driven into the tundra by
>rich, old-fart Canucks in mid-life crisis (ask Todd, he knows about these
>things). And I understand that whale-oil at 20K mile intervals is standard
>maintenance there.
>Seriously though, I've often noted that Canadian spec cars lack some
>amenities taken for granted in the States. For ex. Is A/C standard? Some
>Canadian '91 200s need 10 more valves (right Fred?). I assume _all_
>Canadian S4/6 cars have quattro (I notice the designation "base": what does
>that mean?)  How about cupholders, dammit?!
>Anyway, $23.9K for a nice '95 S6--if in fine condition--would be considered
>a very good price most anywhere in the US. But I agree, several thou less
>for the equivalent car would be excruciatingly tempting. And I'm only 3 hrs
>drive from Toronto.

Hi Phil,

Don't forget, we also do not have garages for our cars since we all live in
igloos. To this day, there are still Americans who show up at the Canadian
border with skis on their car in July looking for some virgin powder.

Overheard on a flight from Boston to Toronto earlier this year:

Old Man 1 from Boston: Do they drive on the left side of the road in Canada?
Old Man 2 from Boston: Uhh, I dunno.
Me (while giving him a "Which planet did you just arrive from?" look):
Actually, because of the British and American influences on our country, in
the truly Canadian spirit of compromise, we drive down the middle of the road.

Anyway, I have never heard of a non-A/C equipped Audi except for perhaps
the 100LS back in the 1970s. Given that Toronto's climate is essentially
the same as New York City's, i.e. two seasons, too hot and too cold, it
would be very tough to sell an Audi or any other car for that matter
without A/C. Rochester's winters are much harsher than ours since the very
same lake effect that can dump a metre of snow on our American neighbours
on the south side of Lake Ontario, moderates the climate in the Niagara
Region and Toronto.


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