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LIDAR Help for my S4

My 94 S4 was caught exceeding the posted speed limit by a hidden speed
trap using LIDAR (laser) - "the car made me do it officer".

Of course I am taking the ticket to court. My case comes up next week. 
FWIW I was caught going 125km/h in a 90km/h zone. The fine isn't bad, but
I'd hate to have my perfect insurance record spoiled. 

The question I have is this: Does LIDAR have judicial notice in Ontario? 
i.e. does the court not need to prove that it works (regular radar has
judicial notice almost everywhere) in order to prosecute? I am aware of
similar cases in NJ and TX but nothing for Ontario. 

Any help you have for my poor Audi would be greatly appreciated. (Sorry if
this is slightly off the board's topic - but I'm stuck.)

- 94 S4