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Subject: Seat heater dash lights out

Dick wrote:
Before I go (this reflector has *way* too much traffic for me), I'd like to
ask one more question:

After the dealer replaced the A/C condenser in my '93 90 Quattro, I noticed
that the back lights for the two seat heater switches were out. Since both
lights are out, I thought it might be a blown fuse, but that hardly seems
possible since nothing else is out. (snip)
Make sure your dimmer switch for the dash doesn't control any of the lights
that are out (I don't know which, if any, are controlled this way...)  Then:
See the 20-valve pages at 
The site is for the normally aspirated 20-valve 5-cylinder cars ('90/'91 coupe
q and '91 90q sedan), but many of the posts (such as replacing the blown
switch light bulb with a radio shack part) apply to any similar era audi.
I've duplicated some of the info on my '91 200q site (link below)...
HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com