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Re: Need Fast Car

Ryan Beld wrote:
> I just recently purchased a '94 Audi 90s. I am thinking about some doing
> performance upgrades. I have never attempted to do this to a car before.
> My Audi is not a quattro but I still want to drive it like a racer.  I am
> looking for some ideas. If I can get some recomendations on what to do
> (Brakes, Wheels, Tires, Shocks, Performance Chip, Filters, Exhaust, etc.)
> and where to begin it would be great.
> I would appreciate any thoughts or coments.
> -Ryan

I agree with Jouko,
  The absolutely *best* money spent on performance is not an investment
in the car but an investment in yourself. Go to a racing-school, there
are mnay good ones out there. Go to a Q-club event, and learn more about
your skills and the abilities of your car. 
   ALthough I have yet to go, the next investment I make in
"performance" related items of any large expense will be for driving
school. I think either Skippy or Bondurant. 
   In the meanwhile I'm in "limp around" mode..keep the 200q running,
but no additonal performance mods.

-Osman Parvez
89 200q
Albany, NY