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Re: The right rear caliper questions

>> I don't think so.  Merkur had two models, the XR4ti, which was
>> a Sierra 2 door with a Thunderbird engine, and the Scorpio, which
>> was similar to the European Scorpio.
>> The Granada name brings back memories of late 70s-early 80s
>> sedans with slightly rounded sheetmetal (in Europe).
>OK - we're getting closer.  The "Scorpio" is the de-luxe version of
>the Granada - leather, air-con, etc.

I forgot about that - when the Scorpio came out as the Grananda
replacement in Germany, it was still called 'Granada' in teh UK
apparently...I remember seeing a poster in the plant
in Cologne showing cutaways of a LHD version labeled Scorpio,
and a RHD version labeled Granada. When Phil said 'Granada',
I pictured the angular predecessor, which was not
available in the US. 
Note that these export versions often had different constructions
in significant details (e.g. the Sierra had either an extra
B/C pillar, or that pillar extremely reinforced - can't remember).
I wonder how they came up with the 'Merkur' brand name
as a 'German Mercury'. The badge says large MERKUR and small
'Ford-Werke AG Ko"ln'. Interesting. It would have been even more 
interesting to know at the time of manufacture that they were
doing these special export versions - one wonders
how many Opel Omega buyers in De. know that the US gets it 
as the much-lower-priced Catera.