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Fwd: Re: 5kcstq screeching distributor

>Fine, I thought, until I realized that the new rotor wasn't the same. It
>is made for a much smaller shaft diameter (its ID is ~9.5mm, while the
>old one is 14mm) and thus does me no good. It's a Bosch 04170 rotor,
>also with p/n 1 234 332 350. I got it from a local auto store that
>carries Bosch parts.

I hate it when that happens!  This too is a BTDT for me on my 87 5KTQ. 
Auto parts books are wrong!  Hopefully your sales person will let you look
at his books.  The rotor cap is different and the rotor is different from what
his books indicate.  Fortunately if he can show you the pix of the various
rotors and caps you will see a cap that looks as if it has a rubber "water
on it.  That is your cap.  Get the matching rotor to it and you'll be OK.  The
correct rotor looks just like the one you bought but its bigger.  Good luck.

I wish I could supply part numbers for you but I threw away my old boxes.
Maybe someonelse on the list can help here.