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radio went out

Hey everyone, my radio went out in my 85 cgt a few days ago. I'm
selling it so I want the stuff to work good.  Does anyone know what
could of happened?  Did the whole radio just go bad or could I just
check something little?  It was going bad, sometimes I had to turn it
on and off a few times before it'd come on.  But is there anyway I
could fix it?  Does anyone know if this is somethign that goes wrong a
lot with the old audi's?  BTW, I'm not on the list anymore so if you
reply to the list I wont be able to get your reply.  So if you could
please send the reply to murphsvdub@yahoo.com it'd help me a lot. 
Thanks in advance everyone.  

Dan Murphy
Murphs VW Tech Tips And More
ICQ # 4253226

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