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Re: UrQ Konis, brakes and headlamps

GaidosIII@aol.com wrote:

>>>Anybody actually try to fit the 90 lights on the UrQ?  They look like =
>>>like they'd work.  Anyhow I must see if I can get away with just lenses, =
>>>or if I need complete lights before I order more stuff.
>>They're identical- part numbers in the Hella catalogue are the same. They
>>fit perfectly.

>Can you clarify this? Are we talking about 88-91 90q headlight fitting a 1985
>urq? Or am I misunderstanding this.

No, you're not. Audi made only three kinds of single-piece headlights for
the Euro 'square-body' type 81/85 models. The single-bulb H4 items for the
low-end cars, fitted only to the 80 here. When the coupe, UrQ and 5-cyl
80/90 lost their quad headlights (the 90 actually never had those), they
were replaced by one single design that was only updated for the sloping
grill somewhere in '84.
If you have a sloping-grill CGT, UrQ or 4k, the same H4/H1 lights fit those
cars. If you have a straight-grill car, the same lights again (now in
straight form) work for the CGT, UrQ and 4k. AFAIK, these lights can be had
in Cibie, Hella and Bosch form, subject to availability.

I believe even the early cars can be easily updated this way, as the Euro
quad-light car I saw had the trim pieces around the headlights as separate
parts. Chucking these made the grill identical to the straight-grill later
cars. I don't know for sure if this works on US cars as well.

The same goes for later cars, BTW. The type 89- both coupe and 90 sedan-
had only one single type of twin-bulb headlight. You can interchange lights
between 90 and Coupe without a problem. For the 80 it means finding an
alternative mounting for the turn signals, which aren't included in the
twin-bulb lights.
See the 'headlight-swapping guide' I posted a couple of months ago.