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Re: Audi 4KQ Avant

"George & Deanna Achorn" <coolidge@tidalwave.net> wrote:

>    I was sitting behind a Quantum wagon in traffic today, and it appeared
>to me that the tail light assembly setup  is similar to those of an Audi
>Coupe GT. Since the Quantum shared the B platform with Audis, I was
>wondering if anyone had ever given thought to building an Audi 4KQ Avant by
>taking a Syncro Wagon and grafting on an Audi front clip and maybe some
>coupe tail lights along with lower rear fenders to build what Audi never
>did. Just a thought.-G

This very thing was done with a mid-70s Audi 80 (Fox?) and a Passat Variant
(Dasher?) in the UK. As the cars are essentially the same, it was just a
matter of grafting the outer panels on- hey presto, Audi 80 Avant la lettre
Pics are in a booklet of special-body Audis I've bought recently.


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

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