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Looking for '92+ 100/S4/A6/S6 owners with Audi bra

To:   quattro
I need some trivial help here...

Yesterday, it was ~70 degrees F in the Boston area, so I took the
opportunity to wash/wax the '92 100 and I attempted to install the bra that
I bought from a list member (or at least he was a list member when I bought
it, now I'm not sure). Anyway, the bra did not come with the instructions
and I ran into a couple of problems that I hope others have already run
into and may have a remedy.

3 things:
1) on the hood bra, the little hook at the right and left most edges...
what are they supposed to hook into?
2) on the lower/bumper bra, the two snap buttons, what are they supposed to
snap to? I can't find any snap in the wheelwell.
3) the headlight washer section, am I supposed to simply cut that material

It became VERY apparent, after I got the hood bra on, that the hood would
not close until I removed the two black rubber "shims" on either side of
the engine bay. I bet THAT little tidbit would've been in the instructions!

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 41k mi