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Re: Rear brake pad replacing...

You get it at Pep Boys.  It's a brake caliper tool, made by Lisle.  Works
great.  Push and turn, push and turn....

There are a couple sizes so measure your piston first, I think the correct
one is marked for Nissans...

At 03:24 PM 10/26/1998 ,  C W Hanlon was inspired to say:
>  This past weekend I went to attempt to replace my rear pads.  The
>  bentley showed a allen head wrench being used to turn and push the
>  piston back into the caliper.
>  When I took my caliper off, the piston didn't have an allen hole in it. 
>  It has some sort of indentation for a type of forked tool.
>  Where do I get this tool, and what is its name?

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