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Re: Rear brake pad replacing...

The tool that came with my little flex (in german 'Winkelschleifer')
to change the discs did the trick for me.


'91 90 2.3E (38 mm pistons in rear)

_/_/_/_/_/ pepe@z.zgs.de \_\_\_\_\_

>You get it at Pep Boys.  It's a brake caliper tool, made by Lisle.
>great.  Push and turn, push and turn....
>There are a couple sizes so measure your piston first, I think the
>one is marked for Nissans...
>At 03:24 PM 10/26/1998 ,  C W Hanlon was inspired to say:
>>  This past weekend I went to attempt to replace my rear pads.  The
>>  bentley showed a allen head wrench being used to turn and push the
>>  piston back into the caliper.
>>  When I took my caliper off, the piston didn't have an allen hole
in it.
>>  It has some sort of indentation for a type of forked tool.
>>  Where do I get this tool, and what is its name?
> Richard
> 88 90Q - K+N, new vac hoses, still gets 0.0 bar....
> 88 Golf GTi - PRO Rally