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Fuel Pump Relays and Quattros (long)

Hi Audifans,
Just got back from a 3 day weekend trip to Mammoth.  I drove the 5kcst 5sp,
Dad drove the 88 5ksq I got him.  While I wish the trip was uneventful, I
have some info to share.

Dad and older brother get up Friday morning (like 5:00 am) to go fishing.
Dad, "I need your car, mine won't start."
Me, half asleep, not wanting to get up and fish 'cause I'm a (fairly)
newlywed and my wife is real cute, "Leave me your keys, and don't drive it
hard, you'll over-spin the turbo."

So I go out there at like 9:00 am, yep, won't start.  Call my mechanic.

Me, "Hi Mike, my Dad's 5ksq won't start."
Mike, "Take off the air cleaner, push up the throttle plate while someone
else cranks it over.  Call me back."

Do it, nothing.

Me, "Hi Mike, me again."
Mike, "Stick your head in the trunk while someone else cranks it over.
Listen for the fuel pump.  Call me back."

Do it, no fuel pump.

Me, "Me again."
Mike, "Open the fuse box.  Take the fuse out of the bank of four, stick it
into the top of big gray box looking thing in the middle of the fuse box.
Turn on the key, read the oxs light blinks.  Call me back."


Me, "4444."
Mike, "Remove the big box looking thing in the middle of the fuse box.
Stick a paper clip between 30 and 85 (87?).  Listen for pump, try and start
the car.  Call me back."

Car starts w/ a friggin' paper clip where the fuel pump relay was.

Me, "It's running."
Mike, "Take the fuel pump relay APART, go buy a pencil solderer and rosin
core flux, and solder the contacts on the little board.  There is an Ace
Hardware store in town, got everthing you need.  I'm guessing the solder
points are cracked."
Me, "No, I can't.  I've never soldered before."
Mike, "Practice on something.  Make some jumper wires first in case this
doesn't work.  If you don't do this I'm gonna kick you're @$$ when you get
back." (I swear he said this)
Me, "OK."

I go buy all the stuff, and start Saturday.  I practice a little, and then
go for the big cheese.  I soldered all the contacts I could see.  My solder
points looked a little like the swirls on a wedding cake, but they didn't
run.  I then put the whole thing back together and stick it back into the
car.  Starts instantly.  I'm in shock.  

I drive it around a little, and relalize I'm driving a QUATTRO in the snow
(Mammoth got like 6 - 8 inches of fresh while we were there).  So I go to
the Canyon Lodge (old Warming Hut II), and meet 2 locals in Jeeps who have
the same idea as me.  We proceeded to tear up the parking area for the next
10 minutes.  I then leave, and cruise impudently (but safely) about the
town, without fear.  Remember, I'm a city boy, and snow is to be feared and
avoided.  Man this Quattro stuff is awesome.

On another note, the 5kcst 5sp did well in the snow also.  Not like the
5ksq, but ok.  But on the highway, it was KING.  Passing in a chipped turbo
is like nothing else.  And I got great mileage as well.  One thing though.
After like 6,000 ft, the turbo took forever to spool up.  At Mammoth Lakes
8,000 ft, forget it.  Pretty weak.  It would hit like 1.4 at 4,000 rpm, but
I would back off for fear of over spinning the turbo.

All in all, a good trip.  I can't wait to take my 88 5kcstq to Mammoth for
ski runs.  What a great marque...

Gary Lewis 
88 5kcstq 0.0 bar 108km Pearl w/Fuchs
86 5Kcst 5sp 1.8 Bar 200km Sapphire
TransGlobal Financial  (818) 384-7600
Mergers, Acquisitions, Public Offerings

P.S.  I took Mike out to lunch today.  The guy is the greatest...