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Re: Sport Seats?

I have the manual seats in my coupe...it experiences the same fore/aft
play as Dereks.  Is there something we can adjust to prevent this, or is
it simply the design of the rails?


Quattro 20V Boy wrote:
> Daily,DerekSJMCG wrote:
> 2)  Seat movement.  My std seats in the CQ "give" (fore & aft) during
> hard
> acceleration or braking.  I could feel the subtle movement and chalked
> it up
> as another annoyance.  I'm assuming it has to do with the electric
> adjustment motor being not up to the task?  Any opinions on whether or
> not
> manual seats have an advantage in this regard (i.e. less likely to
> give)?
> I got the manual factory seats in my sedan .... no fore/aft play at all.
> -<{Quattro 20V Boy}>-