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Re: More S2

In a message dated 98-10-27 15:20:16 EST, you write:

<< It's most likely very similar to the pictures of the pink SMS Gr. A S2
> car I have on http://www.quattrosport.com .  Frank's, Rui's, and my car all
 >started life as a regular old gutless CQ (we want pictures Scott =).
>Frank's car has the entire engine, drivetrain, and suspension out of his
> previous A2 Gr. B car though (although Frank is apparently running a 4kq
> tranny at the moment).  The 6-speed in John Rek's car is a custom unit SMS
> made (totally different from the street 6-speed), as opposed to the rally
> 5-speed boxes which were 016 housings with completely different internals.
> I'm sure you'll also find that the strut housings are all one piece (don't
> know if they're the lightweight magnesium and titanium housings like on the
> pink SMS car) on John Rek's car, and of course on Frank's car.  Rui's car
> and mine use the stock CQ spindle assemblies with the separate strut (Ron
> Wood made Rui's struts and we made our own). >>

A couple of things from my keyboard, then I'm back to laying low.  To say that
Audi has no involvement in the current Audi Rally cars, wouldn't be at all
truthful (though absolutely no direct sponsorship).  The 6 speed (2 came with
the car) in JR's car is custom, and is a chunk of beef.  It was made to take
some serious abuse, though we did disconnect the 'abuse' button for now.  The
construction of the car is first rate, with all the proper Audi Sport toys.
The strut housings are lightweight.  There is no front sway bar.  The engine
is NOT a 3B.  The brakes are Sport Q x 4.  There is no speedo, there is no
boost guage.  The horn button is at the pass footwell :).  The light pods are
4 x PIAA hi/lo, euro S2 headlites, and 2 PIAA cornering lights.  The car runs
locked F/C/R diffs with an optional open diff for swap.  

Understand something too.  My long term goal (I see it as late next season) as
CC is to make this car win, when John is ready for it.  No question in my
mind, this car has all the goods to win SCCA ProRally's.  HIS long term goal,
is not to limit this car to US competition.  Given that, pardon my lack of
details.  I'll share the harmless, and what I can ....  

Scott Justusson
'87 5ktqwRS2
'84 Urq