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Re: S2 Rally car

In a message dated 98-10-27 10:39:12 EST, you write:

 >John could only run the event as a divisional competitor, being a rookie.
> Now that he's completed his first event, he'll get his divisional license,
> and will be able to apply for a national license.  He still won't have real
> great starting positions until he gets higher seeding.

FYI, you need two divisionals under the belt for national license.   Higher
seeding shouldn't be too much of a problem, considering on some of the
straights he was well into the 130mph.  Though a SCCA PR rookie, anyone that
saw the car would know, that "rookie" is hardly an appropriate title for this
driver, status aside.  We have some interesting toys yet to play with. 
 >The cars running poorly sounds very unusual...those cars are always running
> well.  BTW, Buffum is at every event and does most of the work on the cars
> himself (when he's not competing).  This has not been a good year for Libra,
> with a lot of DNF's.

Those cars are not always running well, at least not this year.  DNF's are for
a variety of problems, most of them mechanical.  Given Libras solid record of
winning teams, I think the problem is with the car, not the team.  For those
who haven't been to a ProRally, Rally legend JB is hard to distinguish from
the crowd, he's usually in blue jeans and a sweat shirt with no logos.  He
also drives a pretty beat up chebby van too.  Libra can't be too happy with
Hyundai, nor they with them.  I'm betting on someone stepping up and getting
them a better ride....  Hmmm....  Now that subaru sponsors the TAP rally

 > Congratulations on finishing the event!  Getting that first event under
> one's belt is always gratifying, since it can be a real PITA.  Just ask Paul
> T. about his first outing at the '97 Goreman Ridge Rally, where our water
> pump let go after the first stage =(.  Now that I've seen that same problem
> strike Paul Choiniere this year, I don't feel so bad ;-).

Thanks, though I'm not the one running it Mark, I drove my first national
event 17years ago.  My only job was to make it pass it's first (SCCA) rally
tech, and finish the race without mechanicals.  Both tasks hit their target
well.  Given the equipment we have at our disposal with this car, I plan on
making sure that unless John hits something, the car will perform.
Fortunately, we do have the ability and parts for pretty complete post race

I do notice that not much has changed in the 13 years since my last drive.
SCCA politics, tech smoozing, even the course was familiar (old POR routes).
Oh jeez, so were some of the cars!  Looking forward to John and Sprongl duking
it out in the woods next year.  Car prep is in our favour, though driving
experience isn't quite yet.  The latter is pretty easy, the former I plan on
making sure stays at the highest competitive level.

Get your car running Mark.  Brendan is getting closer, that would make 4
quattros next year.  

Scott Justusson