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Re: S2 Rally car

Not true.   Per 7.3.B in the rule book, page 9: you need to complete a
Natl. (NOT divisional seminar) licensing school and finish either one
coefficient 2 or 3 divisional rally.  Finishing a Canadian Reginal stage
rally also counts as fulfilling either the latter requirement _or_ both.
The semi-colon punctuation and use of "or" are rather ambiguous, IMO (as is
much of the rule book, IMO).  My personal interp is that the Candaian rally
covers the Coeff 2 or 3 req. but not both.  Strict grammar says it covers
both.  Either way, you need to finish only ONE divisional rally (coeff. 2
or 3) to qualify for the Natl. license.

Most people attend a Natl school that has a rally attached and do both in
the same weekend.  The school here on the Eastern side of the US is Ski

At 03:59 PM 10/27/1998 ,  QSHIPQ@aol.com was inspired to say:
>  FYI, you need two divisionals under the belt for national license.   Higher
>  seeding shouldn't be too much of a problem, considering on some of the
>  straights he was well into the 130mph.  Though a SCCA PR rookie, anyone that
>  saw the car would know, that "rookie" is hardly an appropriate title for
>  driver, status aside.  We have some interesting toys yet to play with. 

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