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Re: 90 Quattro, needs speed

It runs pretty well in stock form, but the low-end torque could probably
use a little help.  And the tires should *definitely* be upgraded to
205/55-15 (these fit on my stock rims) at least--it's too easy to break
loose with the skinny ones (even with the car bone stock and an
automatic transmission!).

And I don't mind the stereo too much, but I wish I had the CD
Anyone know of a good junkyard around Atlanta that might have one?

John Hamill III wrote:
> I may try a few tweaks on my 93 90CS Q but, it really runs great in stock
> form! I like the 2.8 V6, great torque at 3k and it pulls really nice in 5th
> gear on the highway. About all the car needs is a decent sound system, and
> maybe an upgrade on the stock 195-65-15 tires.
> Scott Sierakowski wrote:
> > I have seen lots of people who have done upgrades in the performance
> > area for the earlier 20 valve, 5 cyl. version of the 80 and 90 models.
> > I am looking for someone who has done or is in the process of working on
> > a 90 quattro with the V6 motor.  The car is basically stock accept for a
> > Stebro exhaust and a K&N filter.  I want to get more out of the car any
> > suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Scott
> > 90 Quattro Sport