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Re: '93 90CS Quattro Sunroof

This sounds like either a DPS or relay problem--normally when the
sunroof hits its maximum in either way (opened or closed) you'll hear a
relay click and the motor will turn off.  To get to the relay--
-Pry off the sunroof control panel--just the little rectangular bit that
has the light and the sunroof switch.  Pry it down from the left side,
then pull the whole thing a little to the left and then down.
-Get it out of the way and you'll see one phillips head screw in the
middle of the hole you just created--take it out.  (note that this screw
might be pretty tight, so you'll want to use a big enough screwdriver
that you don't grind off the head).
-Pull the access panel down.  Near the middle of the left side is a
square metal relay--this controls the motor start/stop.  Towards the
front, there's a big red wheel with a blue microswitch and a white
microswitch mounted to it.  The blue microswitch is the DPS for slide,
and the white microswitch is the DPS for tilt.  Both should be connected
to the relay.  Check the conditions of these wires; if you have a
continuity tester or multimeter check the switches to make sure that
they're operating properly.  If so, then the relay is probably your


Oh yea, DPS=Door Position Switch; it doesn't sound totally accurate but
it's sort of a generic term.  

Steven Chan wrote:
> Hi, guys:
> I am a new member of quattro list.
> My '93 90CS sunroof is not function properlly recently. When I try to
> close the sunroof (sliding), I hold down the button and the sunroof is
> not automatic stop after the sunroof is fully closeed, and it will
> continuous to flip the sunroof. After the sunroof flip to the maximum,
> it will release "tar-tar" sound if I still hold the button.
> Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please let me know. I am
> appreciated.
> Best,
> S.C.
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