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RE: Boost -> HP??

What car do you have.
1.8 bar should give you around 200 hp I think.  With an Exhaust etc a
little more.  My friend runs 1.8 to 1.9 and it pulls as strong as any
stock S4.  SOme say 200, some say 220.  My guess is his is around 220
but 200 is Very realistic.
    Second, if you have the older MC with the k26, you are limited to
about 2.0 bar.  Any more than 1.9 to 2.0 and the Turbo is out of its
territory and blows Hot Air.  Wears out fast too.   For more a k24 will
help and Throttle response will get better too.  With a 3.0" free flow
exhaust and Down Pipe 2.2 should be good for over 250 but for this you
will need some minor Fuel Injection mods.  Not sure exactly what.  BTW,
this is all in relation to the MC motor in which the chip you put in
will TRY to keep motor running safely and lnot too lean.  BUt with 2.2
bar it cant keep up.  I think Fuel Injectors must be changes.  Maybe
some other stuff.  At this point, I would as least upgrade to the IC
that is in the S4 or 91' 200.  It is single pass and much more
efficient.  Can probably find cheaper ways to go but this would bolt
right in I think.
    I hope this helps.   Remember, what car do you have.  Year and
model.  L8R

        Has anyone ever put their car on a dyno to measure HP at
levels of boost?  I'm currently running 13.25 psi (about 1.8 bar) and
curious as to what the horsepower is..  seat-of-the-pants says it's
up from stock......  What's the limit given that my intercooler is
strapped, and I've replaced the IC-throttle body hose with the NAPA
hose fix??  At what level do we start running dangerously lean??  I
believe that ppl have written that they've run about 2.2 with the stock
injectors & computer (non-chipped, computer fooled into believing max
boost at 1.5 bar)???

        It's really starting to get fun!  :-)