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(laughlin, nv) international rally, was: S2 Rally car

At 09:27 PM 10/27/98 -0800, Mark Nelson wrote:
>We're entered for the International Rally (http://rallyusa.com) ...will be
>my first rally as a driver (been co-driving for different people the last
>couple of years), but fortunately not my first race I've ever driven =).
this is great news, mark!

qlisters, check out the entry list.
10 (!) quattros of various configurations, including mark and our own ron
also something called a fox kit car (4wo)...
if you notice a slightly dented six-spoke rim or two on tom juliani's urq,
those are my old "wagon wheels".
paul timmerman (the traitor =8) has his 323gtx entered with sponsorship by
(paul) rivera r&d.
and you can't miss rod koch's 67 vw fastback.
i think i'll plan to see the superstage and saturday stages.
i may even get to see rui race this time, even if he breaks on friday.

southwest qlist gathering in laughlin (12/4-6)?