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RE: Sport Seats?

I wrote:
>> All CQs (in the US, at least) came with the sport seats, so 
>>you probably won't get any BTDT from someone with barcoloungers 
>>in a CQ.

Then Derek replied:
>From the option codes listed on your site Eric... ;-)
>Sport Seats: Q1D
>Elec. Operated Front Seats: 3L4
>Heated Front Seats: 4A3
>Now.  I'll insist that this does NOT mean all US coupes have 
>sport seats.

No, please don't insist that!  :^)
Those option codes tell you what pieces are fitted to the car, 
but they aren't necessarily "options" in the marketing sense. 
Read the paragraph at the top of that page. Look at the other 
items in that list -- airbag, rear wiper, disk brakes, halogen 
headlamps, ... These were certainly not optional equipment on 
the US cars. There are also items on there (dual airbags, full 
size spare) that we nover got.

The only real options (4 of them) are listed on the specs page 
right above the link to the codes page you quoted. There's also 
info from the horse's mouth -- check out the letters from AoA 
to Jeff G. at the top of the page.

>Unless the CQ has different sport seats than the 200.

That's quite possibly true. Don't the type 44 cars have different 
seats than the smaller cars? (mounts are different, at least)

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN