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Re: The centre support bearing for a type-44 quattro found

Lewis, Gary M wrote:

> Uhhh, we just matched up these parts to an 86 - 88 driveshaft (thanks Frank
> J. Bauer), and the ears on the center section are VERY different.

Indeed. You have to reuse the Audi holder. Not just the horizontal
slotted for the bolts part (the "ears") but the whole round thingy.
Cut the round steel holder with a hack saw, replace the rubber cap and
the bearing and re-weld the holder closed. You'll wind up with a gap of
about 5mm.

> I will
> know about the round part of the center section and bearing fitment
> (diameter) tomorrow.  Not to question Igor, 'cause he's usually dead nuts
> on, but I'm thinking the above center section fits an 89-90 (91 and V8?) Q
> driveshaft, not an 86 - 88.

I saw it work on an '86 5000cs.

> However, we will go to MB and try and match up
> the 86 - 88 center support, and failing that, if the center support is the
> correct diameter (looks like it), I'm pretty sure the 'ears' off the old
> center support can be welded to the above part #'s.

Yep, that's the ticket.

Also, Rod from TPC e-mailed me a few days ago:

By the way, were you serious about those Mercedes numbers? Nathan 
Belo was talking to me and mentioned you coming up with those numbers 
on the Q-List.

Your cost for the pair of numbers is about $ 25.00.
(We have the number 123 410 10 81A, which is both support and 

I haven't seen the 123 410 10 81A that Rod suggested but I am pretty
sure that he's correct. In this case $25 plus 10 min of welding seem
like a bargain to me. Especially compared with the ludicrous Audi's idea
of shoving the whole propeller shaft down our throats for $800. Or even
$150 which some aftermarket outfits charge for the support assy.
Did anyone successfully use this part (123 410 10 81A) yet? 
Gary, please keep us updated.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros