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Re: The centre support bearing for a type-44 quattro found

At 10:11 PM 10/28/98 -0500, ikessel@worldnet.att.net wrote:
>Lewis, Gary M wrote:
>> Uhhh, we just matched up these parts to an 86 - 88 driveshaft (thanks Frank
>> J. Bauer), and the ears on the center section are VERY different.
>Indeed. You have to reuse the Audi holder. Not just the horizontal
>slotted for the bolts part (the "ears") but the whole round thingy.
>Cut the round steel holder with a hack saw, replace the rubber cap and
>the bearing and re-weld the holder closed. You'll wind up with a gap of
>about 5mm.

that looks like it could work.
what exactly did you cut off the mercedes part?
i'm not sure of the exact part number(s) of the mercedes part we were
looking at, but the rubber carrier looked like it was bonded to the steel
however, if it separates without destroying the webbing, i think igor has
found a cheap fix for hundreds of listers.