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Re: IC tweeking

In message <717ad426.363874be@aol.com> QSHIPQ@aol.com writes:

> Next, you want to make sure that the foam that seals the IC
> in position (5000/200) is there and intact.  You want all air AT the IC to go
> THRU the IC, not around it.  That is what that foam is for.  The foam is
> mounted with some cheezy adhesive, and most falls right off when removing
> IC's.  Put it back, it is there for a reason.

The airflow around the ur-quattro's IC is pretty well channeled.  There
_is_ a foam issue, between the IC and the right side of the air dam.
This piece was omitted by Wayside Bodyshop when they fixed my car
early in the year.  The 'other' end of the airflow channel is the
right wheel well, which I've always been accustomed to considering a
low-pressure area.  A lot of the ur-quattro's aifflow cross section
seems to be blocked by the air hose.

I might well take the thing off and have a look this wekend.

 Phil Payne
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