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Re: F1/Cart, was F40 on freeway, was A8

Richard Beels wrote:

> I think Michael's problem was the lack of practice time.  He was seeing the
> track for virtually the first time at speed running the race.  Not the most
> helpful educational experience.  Jaques and Nigel show how competitive both
> the series are and how much the car really does matter.  The cars are
> really close in performance and both have very narrow bands for that
> performance.

When JV was asked (last year!) why he did so well on new tracks to him, he said
"Video Games". He drove the tracks on video games over and over :)

> If we go back further in time, we'll run into a lot more.  Emerson
> Fittipaldi is one that springs to mind.  Mario Andretti is another .

De AngelisMansell
The list goes on.... they also did KART and snowmobile racing....