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Audi shirts, books, and videos in catalog

Hey all, I'm still off the list.  I got married last weekend and off to Napa
valley this weekend for my honeymoon.

I got a catalog in the mail today which might interest some of you.  It's a
catalog for Rallysport, Inc., and it has a lot of Audi related items in it.
First, there is a book that looks pretty cool; "The Audi Quattro Book" by Dave
Pollard.  176 pages, 320 b&w, 33 color photos, $39.95 (No. 125347).  There are
other books and videos that are Audi related, mostly Rally review videos and

They also have some cool T shirts with Audis on them.  They have a TOCA
shirts, hats, fleeces, jackets, polos, and sweatshirts.  They have a
pic/illustration of the A4 on them and the TOCA logos all over them.

You can contact them through www.rallysportusa.com or call them at

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